We're not the only ones excited about Ionoi...

1,500 customers use IONOI™ Softener. Meet our customers.

10 Reasons to Choose an IONOI Water Softener:

  1.   Efficient: rapid 30-minute regeneration(On select Automatic Models)
  2.   Efficient: uses less water
  3.   Efficient: uses less salt
  4.   Works upto 850ppm of hardness
  5.   Programmable Function allows customers to set regeneration time
  6.   SS Skid Mounted
  7.   Sleek, sharp, compact design
  8.   Friendly toll-free customer support
  9.   Auto ON/OFF System with LED displays ( Automatic Models)
  10.   Long service life


Ionoi About us

IONOI™ water softeners is brought to you by AQUAPOT RO TECHNOLOGIES -the leading brand for water treatment equipment catering to both Domestic and Commercial segments. AQUAPOT RO TECHNOLOGIES is an ISO 9001 Certified company and a member of “Water Quality Association- USA”with a reputation for Quality & Reliability in the market.

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